What are Pheromones and How do Pheromones Work?

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Have you ever wondered why you find certain people sexually irresistible and feel a little light-headed when you’re close to them? The answer is pheromones.

Pheromones are a fascinating series of chemicals produced by animals and plants — and, as scientists discovered in 1959, humans, too. Simply put, they’re the chemical substances that are secreted outside of our bodies through urine, sweat, and well, other bodily fluids. 

They help boost our mood, increase our attractiveness, and create a feeling of trustworthiness between ourselves and those around us. Here, you’ll learn what pheromones are, how pheromones work, and how to harness their power (including which pheromone product might be right for you).

What Are Pheromones?

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We humans have developed certain ways of communication that don’t always require speaking out loud. For instance, when someone keeps leaning towards us or throwing suggestive glances, we can tell they’re interested in us simply through their body language. Pheromones work in accordance with this. 

They’re a hidden form of communication between humans that uses chemical signals that trigger specific responses in those receiving the signals, whether it’s a hormonal change or another specific behavior. 

Pheromones are categorized into four types: releasers, signalers, modulators, and primers, all of which have specific functions.

Releaser Pheromones

Releaser pheromones tend to cause a nearly instantaneous and very specific behavioral response in others, such as being drawn towards a specific sexual partner.

Signaler Pheromones

Signaler pheromones are more specific and typically send information to others, like a person’s overall health and place in society. That’s why they’re a best-kept secret of highly influential people. 

Modulator Pheromones

Modulator pheromones are more subtle, often affecting a user’s moods and emotions.

Primer Pheromones

Finally, primer pheromones are in charge of reproductive and developmental systems. You may have noticed this phenomenon through period syncing — when suddenly you and your bestie’s cycles sync up, seemingly out of nowhere.

If you’re wondering what pheromones are, you’ve probably heard of two closely related steroids — androstenone and androstadienone. After all, they’ve been the main focus of human pheromone research. Both of these pheromones have been found to have a positive influence on women’s moods, and they’ve even been found to boost sexual desire, arousal, and libido.

How Do Pheromones Work?

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Pheromones are emitted by bodily secretions, some sexy like sweat and reproductive fluids, and some not-so-sexy fluids like urine. These compounds are airborne– but scientists are still unsure what organ or body part is meant to pick them up. 

In mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, pheromones are detected by a vomeronasal organ, otherwise known as a VNO. While humans have a VNO as well, it’s not thought to be functional. Humans are a little more complicated than some other animals — and further research is needed to determine exactly how pheromones are transmitted and received in humans.

You don’t have to rely on studies to notice how your partner or romantic interest’s smell gets your body heated up, but there is some scientific evidence for how pheromones work in humans. In a study published in Respirology in 2016, studies show that androstenone caused swelling in the erectile tissue of female noses and increased their libido. In another study surrounding androstadienone, a component of male sweat, scientists found that this pheromone increased attraction and boosted a recipient’s mood and cortisol levels. 

The good thing about pheromones is that they can be reproduced in a lab — which means you can use specific concoctions to appear more tempting and seductive. Certain pheromone sprays and oils are designed to not only attract and seduce but also develop emotional intimacy with the person you desire.

What Pheromone Product is Right for Me?

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Different pheromones have different effects, meaning it’s important to understand the function of each before you begin looking for your next secret weapon of seduction. Whether you’re looking to attract a certain sex, develop instant chemistry, or create a general sense of trustworthiness from your peers, pheromone products are a great way to do so. We outline some of our favorite pheromone products for each below.

To Attract Him

If you’re looking to attract men, you’ll want to look for pheromone products that contain Androstenol. Androstenol is a compound that, according to a study by Astrid Jutte, has been shown to increase testosterone levels in men by 150%. This increase in testosterone may cause feelings of arousal in men, especially if a woman is present.

Formulas that contain AndrosteNOL, such as Habitué Provocateur, also contain copulins, which are powerful compounds that mimic the powerful mating pheromones a woman gives off during ovulation. Usually, women only ovulate for a 12 - 24 hour period a month, but pheromone products make it possible to simulate this unique time whenever you wear them — making it easy for you to get out there with your full seductress prowess.

To Attract Her

If you want to attract women, it’s recommended that you look for products that contain Androstenone and Androstadienone. Androstenone is a steroidal pheromone that’s released in male saliva. It’s known to make the wearer appear more dominant, giving them the sex appeal of an alpha male, which is irresistible to many women. 

Androstadienone, on the other hand, is an endogenous steroid that has been reported to significantly affect the mood and cooperation levels of women. The pleasHER formula combines both, and also adds in Androstenol, the compound from above that is known to increase testosterone levels — creating a heady elixir to help you appear more enticing.

While pheromone products will make women and those wearing the pheromone product have a physical sexual response, they do not affect a woman’s free will or morals. So don’t expect them to fall for your allure without doing the hard work!

To Attract Them

There’s also a variety of pheromone products that can be used to make yourself more charismatic to your peers, friends, and those around you in general. The pheromones that make up most of these products include oxytocin, a pheromone and a neurotransmitter, that helps you enjoy emotional closeness with even total strangers which can lead to overall improved quality of life. 

Oxytocin is most commonly released after sex, as well as during life’s most pleasurable moments. It’s known to increase social bonds, ease anxiety, and is often heralded as a best-kept secret amongst highly persuasive people.

When using an oxytocin-based pheromone product, such as Liquid Finesse or Essence of Ecstasy, you may experience increased feelings of trustworthiness, increased empathy, and a feeling of familiarity with those around you, as if you’ve already known them for years. Oxytocin-based pheromone products can also increase your persuasiveness, and affect your generosity too. It has also been known to reduce anxiety — and who doesn’t want that?

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