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With an artful blend of scientifically-proven pheromones and enchanting signature scents, our pheromone products are designed to attract him, her, or them. Experience the difference in our hero hormones and experience the inescapable pleasure that lies ahead. Thanks to the power of your new secret weapon you can have it all.

Answer 6 questions in our Scent Quiz so we can find what pheromone product will be your perfect fit.

The Pursuit of Sexiness

The world is yours – and armed with our secret weapons and other pheromone products, your reign can last forever. Evoking the pinnacle of romance and seduction and expressing the very essence of what it means to attract, our pheromone oils, home scent products, and sexproof makeup are designed to delight. From the inquisitive mind of Lydia Dupra, Heaux Cosmetics is disrupting the industry by putting the power of seduction right in your hands.

Want to find your new favorite? Our scent quiz is designed to help you pick your poison– and with pheromone products designed to attract him, her, or them, you’re sure to find a secret weapon that’s perfect for your arsenal.

How It Works

Our products aren’t just a figment of the imagination. With scientifically proven formulas, our pheromone products are proven to increase attraction, charm, and your overall quality of life. It’s a magical formulation of what it means to desire– and to be desired, too. Explore our selection of pheromone oils to attract him, her, or them, and explore our Chateaux Home Collection to bring our best-selling secret weapons into your bedroom.

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