Pheromones: Rizz in a bottle!


Pleasher new formula for men

Heaux Cosmetics is a makeup brand that has recently gained popularity for their innovative and unique products. One of their most buzzed-about releases is PleasHER, "rizz in a bottle" that is formulated with pheromones to help men attract women.

Pheromones are chemical signals that are released by animals and humans to communicate and attract members of the opposite sex. They have been widely studied in the field of psychology and have been shown to have a powerful impact on human behavior and attraction.

These pheromones can be found in various body secretions, including sweat, urine, and genital secretions.

Heaux Cosmetics has harnessed the power of pheromones and incorporated them into their PleasHER product, which is designed to attract and appeal to women. The product comes in the form of a roll-on bottle, making it easy to apply to pulse points such as the neck, wrists, and inner elbows.

PleasHER is even responsible for the marriage of the Heaux Cosmetics CEO Lydia Dupra and her now husband who wore it to seduce her. They were married 5 months after meeting in 2022. 


@theheauxmentorofficial Replying to @natybun from employee to husband. That’s the promotion of a lifetime 😂❤️ #pheromones #heauxcosmeticsreview #proposal #lovestory ♬ original sound - Ian Asher
According to the manufacturer, PleasHER is formulated with a blend of pheromones that are specifically designed to appeal to women and enhance the user's natural attractiveness. It is also infused with a pleasant, unisex scent that can easily be paired with any cologne or perfume. 


Many men and women have reported success in attracting women after using PleasHER, with some even stating that they have received more attention and interest from women than ever before.

Heaux Cosmetics has harnessed the power of pheromones in their PleasHER product, which is marketed as a scent that can help men attract women. The company claims that the special blend of pheromones in the product will make men more appealing and attractive to women, boosting their chances of finding a romantic connection.

The product has received a lot of attention and has been featured in numerous beauty and lifestyle publications. Many people are intrigued by the concept of using pheromones to attract a partner and are eager to try PleasHER for themselves.

Overall, Heaux Cosmetics' PleasHER is a unique and innovative product that has garnered a lot of attention for its ability to help men attract women using pheromones. It is sure to be a popular choice among those looking to up their dating game and increase their chances of finding a romantic connection.

It can be purchased for $80 individually or in a kit here on Payment plans also available at checkout. 

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