Heaux Heaux Heaux! 17 Sexy Gifts and Enticing Holiday Presents

man and woman exchanging gifts

If you want to spice things up with your partner and do more than just kiss under the mistletoe on Christmas, then a subtly suggestive sexy gift is precisely what you need to get the message across.

Picking an enticing present can be tricky because you have to consider the likes and dislikes of the recipient and not just your own desires. 

But to give you some ideas, we’ve compiled a list of some sexy holiday presents that your significant other, lover, or your booty call will surely love.

Here are 17 enticing and sexy Christmas presents to turn on the heat during the holidays.

1. Roleplay Costume

A roleplay costume is the perfect choice for a sexy gift if you want to try something new with your partner this holiday. Dress up as sexy Santa and get your little helper on board to spice things up between the sheets.

If you’re not into the Santa roleplay kink, there’s still a world of endless possibilities with roleplay costumes. So get creative and find out what your partner would be into.

2. Bath Salts

You can never go wrong with gifting bath salts and the promise of a sexy time. Relaxing together in a luxurious tub with pleasant-smelling bath salts is the easiest way to get your partner into the mood. 

Go for the classic aphrodisiac scents such as lavender, vanilla, strawberry, rose, and jasmine or something unique like black licorice and pumpkin pie.

3. Pheromone Candles

There’s nothing sexier or more enticing than the natural human scent — pheromones — so it’s only natural that they make the perfect sexy gift for you and your partner.

The pleasHER Candle contains three powerful pheromones from a man’s sweat glands, saliva, and reproductive organs to attract and arouse a woman’s sex drive. 

The Essence of Ecstacy Candle on the other hand is a unisex candle comprised of oxytocin and a testosterone-based pheromone with a base lavender scent. It’s ideal if you want to appear more charming and attractive to your bedmate and spend an erotic yet relaxing evening together.

4. A Sexy Necktie

Neckties never go out of style and the right one can serve more purposes than simply gracing your man’s neck. If you’re searching for a sexy Christmas present, get him a silk tie in dark and muted colors to fit the lascivious vibe of your nighttime escapades.

5. Handcuffs

Someone’s on the naughty list this year and a pair of pink fuzzy handcuffs are required to set things right. If you feel that neckties aren’t enough and you need something a bit more comfortable, strong and inventive, then handcuffs will do the trick. 

6. Bondage Set

If you and your partner are especially daring, then you might want to go all out and gift them a bondage set as a sexy Christmas present with all the kinky stuff you need to crank up the temperature in the bedroom.  

In case you haven’t tried BDSM before, we recommend reading up on the basics of safety and aftercare so you can have a physically, mentally, and emotionally fulfilling experience. It can prove to be a very rewarding adventure for both of you.

7. Liquid Finesse Perfume

Sexy gifts don’t have to be for your partner alone. Comprised of oxytocin, the ‘love hormone’ — Liquid Finesse Perfume — is an intoxicating cocktail of Sicilian lemon, apple, cedar, and bellflower with notes of bamboo, jasmine, and white rose weaved with the hearty scent of cedar, musk, and amber.

Entice and arouse your partner by taking out this secret weapon in the bedroom. They won’t be able to get enough of you!

8. A Weekend Getaway

man kissing the hand of a woman

The right setting makes all the difference! Whisk your partner away to a fancy resort or a homely cabin on the mountains to spend a weekend cooking together, sharing your desires, and getting tangled between the silken sheets.

9. Massage Oil

Your partner deserves all the love and pampering they can get. Surprise them with a hedonistic massage oil coupled with a seductive full-body massage as a sexy Christmas present — they might even return the gesture to you tenfold.

10. Pheromone Diffuser

A massage won’t be complete if you don’t gift a sexy diffuser to tantalize your senses. The Habitué Provocateur Diffuser has a light fruity smell and contains two female pheromones that will boost your man’s sex drive and makes him go wild.

The Essence of Ecstacy Diffuser contains oxytocin, a testosterone-based pheromone, and a lavender oil base to relax, calm, and elevate the mood.

The Liquid Finesse Diffuser is imbued with oxytocin and a subtle fruity fragrance featuring notes of peach and tangerine or vanilla and tonka bean to increase emotional intimacy between you and your partner and set a positive mood.

11. Sex Dice Game

Sex Dice Game usually involves two unique dice — one labeled with body parts and the other with erotic actions you can perform on said body parts. Sex dice games are a great way to initiate foreplay while also bringing variety to the bedroom. But if you plan on giving them this sexy gift game, be warned that the teasing is not for the faint of heart!

12. Silk Nightgown

The rich, luxurious feel and the mystery of what’s underneath the softness — if you want to gift him a sexy Christmas present, shimmy into a silk nightgown and slink around the house. Or if you want to see her in one of these, wrap it in a pretty little package and present it with a suggestive smile!

13. Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings are one of the hottest pieces of clothing to have ever been invented and a perfect sexy gift for the holiday. They frame, highlight, and elongate your legs while exuding an aura so seductive that no man or woman can resist.

14. Roll-On Pheromones 

Drive your sex appeal up a notch or several with Habitué Provocateur which contains a blend of female sex hormones to melt every man. Or if you want to attract her and ensnare her heart, then a few dabs of pleasHER will have her swooning for you — it’s the perfect sexy gift for partners this holiday!

Essence of Ecstacy is a unisex roll-on pheromone that combines Liquid Finesse and Habitué Provocateur for a concoction that is twice as powerful to attract, seduce, and utterly charm your lover.

15. Lacy Thong

Lacy thongs are right there with fishnet stockings on the list of most provocative clothing. Whether it’s for you or your partner, you’ll surely enjoy the sight of the person wearing it. If it’s crotchless, even better!

16. Sex Pillow

Make your provocative night more comfortable with a sexy gift to support your partner as you both explore different ways to enjoy yourselves. The elevation offered by sex pillows is a total game-changer and your partner will love you all the more for this thoughtful gift.

17. Sexproof Makeup

woman wearing red lipstick and holding a rose

No one wants a smudged liner or lipstick smeared all over their face while involved in a lovemaking sesh. Heaux Cosmetics’ line of sexproof makeup is made to help you and your partner own your potential in the bedroom. They’re completely transfer-proof and can withstand a night of sweaty fun. The perfect sexy Christmas present for a fun and unforgettable time!

Heaux Cosmetics’ Weapons of Mass Seduction

Give yourself or your partner the ultimate sexy gift of mass seduction with Heaux Cosmetics’ range of pheromone products. Take our scent finder quiz to find out which secret weapon you need to entice and enthrall them this holiday season.

Heaux! Heaux! Heaux! Have a happy holiday!

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