Liquid Finesse Oil (Unisex)

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We make the STRONGEST pheromone formula legally available! Over 100,000 units sold and in business for 4 years. This is the favorite pheromone brand of celebs like Julia Fox and published in magazines like Allure! Made in our California laboratory, these are one of a kind formulations that can not be found anywhere else.

Our bestselling hormone spray has been reformulated for 2x more potency than our original formula. It’s made for those that refuse convention, embrace the unordinary, and want to create an undeniable aura of magnetic attraction to those around them.

Liquid Finesse is for creating emotional intimacy. You'll find everyone around you may be more generous, kind and willing to tell you things they've never told anyone else about themselves before. It's also helpful in reducing anxiety and is commonly used in professional environments to make interactions with customers and co workers go smoother. It’s a best-kept secret amongst highly persuasive people for a reason.

Liquid Finesse contains Oxytocin which is a powerful hormone the brain releases to create social bonds. If you're looking to improve your quality of life without actually changing anything about yourself, this is the one for you

Ingredients: Oxytocin, perfumers alcohol, fragrance 

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Please note: this is NOT a perfume. These are pure hormones. That means our products do not have a strong fragrance for your own discretion when wearing. You can pair our formulas with your favorite perfume or cologne if you'd prefer. Just do not layer them, wear next to each other so you don't interfere with the products effectiveness.

**This does not control peoples free will. But it will make you have a STRONG advantage to be perceived as the most attractive person in the room. Please be mindful of the circumstances you use the pheromones in and who you’re using them around. Results may vary based on social circumstances. For example a work setting may be more difficult to notice a difference when everyone is expected to be behave in a professional manner (well unless you’re our CEO who married her own employee after he wore PleasHER)..even though they are secretly drawn to you.


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Our “weapons of mass seduction” are formulated with arousing pheromones that enhance encounters and elevate a night of fun. It goes far beyond sex, too. We also create products made with oxytocin that ease anxiety, stress, and elevate connection and relaxation.


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