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Secret Weapon FAQ

Have questions about our Secret Weapons? We’ve Got answers:


Are they safe?

Yes if used as directed. Otherwise you can experience nausea, dizziness, headaches and irritation. Please only use 1-2 drops/sprays starting with 1 to see your sensitivity  


I’m looking to sexually attract a man 

Use Habitue Provocateur 


I’m looking to sexually attract a woman -

Use PleasHER


I’m looking to create emotional intimacy and relaxation -

Use Liquid Finesse 


I’m looking to simply be in a better mood and cheer up those around me

Use Essence Of Ecstasy 


I am looking to boost my own sex drive and I’m a women

Use PleasHER for the strongest effect


I am looking to boost my own sex drive and I’m a man

Use Habitue Provocateur


 I am pregnant or have a medical condition, can I use this?

Please consult your doctor before use


Why is it so expensive?

We have the strongest formula available, we pay living wages to our employees and everything is done in house in the USA. Essentially, you get what you pay for while supporting an ethical business model.


How do you make the pheromones

In our Los Angeles Laboratory, Heaux Squared. We use completely legal ingredients which are listed in the product descriptions.


Is it vegan and do you test on animals?

Our Secret Weapons are not vegan but they are not tested on animals


Is this a placebo effect?

No because we make authentic products. You’ll be able to confirm by wearing our product without telling other and see the effects it has on them.


Do I need to be around people to make it work or does it work long distance?

You need to be in the same room as someone else so they can smell the product. It’s about the same range as a perfumes effects.


I am a trans person will they work?

Yes just purchase which ever one you need to attract the gender you want. These work on a biological level regardless of gender identity or otherwise.


Does this work through a mask?

Yes but it is less effective and you will have to get closer to them


Does it work on the person if I’m on the phone with them or through a computer?



Do you offer wholesale



What is the difference between the bottles

 We offer the same formula in different styles and sizes 


Do you give free samples

 At our Los Angeles store which is not open yet, but not online


What happens if I wear it around family?

We recommend only wearing Liquid Finesse and Essence of Ecstasy around family and platonic friends 


Can they be worn together?

 You can apply Liquid Finesse with any Secret Weapon except Essence Of Ecstasy. Do not apply any other the Secret Weapons with each other 


How do I apply them?

Use 1-2 drops or sprays in total and apply to pulse points on wrists and behind the ears. Start with 1 drop 


Why does it smell weird?

That is the smell of authentic pheromones and will wear off in about 30-40 min but the product works for 8 hours.


Can I wear perfume with this?

Yes just apply next to the perfume not on top


My job is_________ will this help?

-service industry

-sales and retail



-adult entertainer 

any profession where you would want people to perceive you as friendly, trustworthy and attractive