Your Weapon of Mass Seduction

It’s more than just an essence — it’s the turn of a head, the chisel of a jaw, the breeze of a forest at twilight. Our pheromones to attract women are scientifically formulated with oxytocin — the hormone we release after our most pleasurable moments. This hero hormone increases social bonds, eases anxiety, and is responsible for the indescribable appealing pull we feel between others. Harness this power with our best-selling male pheromones to attract females. Tell your story, create a scandal, and be uniquely you with our pheromone oil for men.

Explore our best-selling Liquid Finesse products, now available in both candle and diffuser forms. Our pheromone oils for men may seem like love potions, but they’re scientifically backed to increase attraction toward women by weaving together an imperceptible scent and irresistible emotion. Discover the attraction of our best-selling PleasHer and harness the power of mass seduction today.

All of our formulas are not tested on animals. We’re free from up to 1400 toxic chemicals banned in the EU — so you can enjoy the purest of products. Discover our secrets and experience the difference in our collection for the immoderate, free-spirited lifestyle.

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