Habitué Provocateur *NEW and Improved Formula* (attracts men)
Habitué Provocateur *NEW and Improved Formula* (attracts men)

Habitué Provocateur *NEW and Improved Formula* (attracts men)

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For Instructions and warnings please read here 

New and improved formula 2x stronger than our original. We have also added a faint unisex fragrance that can still be paired with any perfume. If you love our original Habitue Provacateur formula, this will be your new favorite!

Want to please him? Our #1 best selling formula made to arouse any man (whether they admit it or not) promote an undeniable response in the male body to spark their most primal desires. 

 Habitué Provocateur meaning  'patron provoking ' is what some would call a ‘love potion’ but is actually a rare combination of steroidal pheromones proven to affect and even control a male's brain. Formulated by former high class escort Lydia Dupra and the aid of scientists, this product is 100% authentic and used by professional provocateurs worldwide to melt the heart (and wallet) of any man.


 Copulins mimics the pheromones a woman gives off during ovulation. Women only ovulate for a 12-24 hour period once a month. Habitué Provocateur simulates ovulation every time you wear it. 

AndrosteNOL  have been shown to increase testosterone levels in men by 150% (Astrid Jutte study). This increase in testosterone may cause feelings of arousal in men if a woman is present. It is said that once a man smells copulins on a woman she is deemed to be more attractive.

What to expect when using: this will make men have a physical sexual response to whoever is wearing it. This product does NOT effect a mans free will or morals. It will make him the most attracted he’s ever been to you though, whether he acts on it or not.


 ♦ Strong pheromone scent. Fades after 30 minutes of application. Only authentic pheromone products have this odor. 

 ♦ Can be combined with perfume 

 ♦ Comes in roller ball bottle for precise application

 ♦ May make the wearer irresistible to any man

 ♦ May increase your own sex drive 

Apply 1-2 drops on your pulse points and allow to dry. Do not use a lot of this product it can irritate people around you if there is too much because of its testosterone boosting qualities.

 .33 oz glass roller ball bottle.

♥ Not tested on animals ♥ 



 Dipropylene glycol, AndrosteNOL, Copulins 

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