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pleasHER (back order)

pleasHER (back order)

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Formulated by former high class escort Lydia Dupra and the aid of scientists, this is our first product designed to attract women.  This 100% authentic pheromone formula contains 3 powerful pheromones each with a unique quality to boost a woman sex drive and attraction to who ever is wearing it.

Just 1-2 drops applied to the wrist and neck will give up to 8 hours of effectiveness!


AndrosteNONE - is a steroidal pheromone released in male saliva makes the wearer appear more dominant, giving them the sex appeal of an 'alpha male' 

AndrosteNOL -  has been shown to increase testosterone levels by 150% (Astrid Jutte study). This increase in testosterone is key to sexual arousal. 

AndrostaDIENONE - is an endogenous steroid that has been reported to significantly affect the mood and cooperation levels of women 

comes in a 10ml glass roll on bottle 


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