*NEW* Cuffing Season Combo (attracts women)

*NEW* Cuffing Season Combo (attracts women)

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While each product on their own is incredibly popular, combined they deliver the ultimate romantic bliss.

There are 3 phases in a relationship, 1. Attraction, 2. Lust and 3. Attachment 

PleasHer takes care of phases 1&2 while Liquid Finesse seals the deal with creating attachment.

Wear each product next to each other (not on top) on your pulse points and enjoy bliss with that special someone. 1 drop of PleasHer  and one spray of Liquid Finesse is all you need for the best result. Any more can cause dizziness, headaches and irritation.

What do they do?

Liquid Finesse is the social hormone, Oxytocin we experience after sex and other pleasurable moments. It increases social bonds, eases anxiety and is a best kept secret amongst highly persuasive people.   Here are the effects you can expect to have on others while wearing Liquid Finesse:

 ♦ May increase feelings of trustworthiness 

 ♦ Can effect generosity by increasing empathy

 ♦ May create a feeling of familiarity, like you've already known them for years

 ♦ May increase your persuasiveness

 ♦ Reduces anxiety within 30 seconds on you and whoever you are around 


This 100% authentic pheromone formula contains 3 powerful pheromones each with a unique quality to boost a woman’s sex drive and attraction to who ever is wearing it, even if it’s herself. This formula replicates the powerful sex pheromones from a mans salvia, sweat glands and reproductive organs that stir a woman’s primal desires.

Just 1-2 drops applied to the wrist and neck will give up to 8 hours of effectiveness!


AndrosteNONE - is a steroidal pheromone released in male saliva makes the wearer appear more dominant, giving them the sex appeal of an alpha male.

AndrosteNOL -  has been shown to increase testosterone levels by 150% (Astrid Jutte study). This increase in testosterone is key to sexual arousal. 

AndrostaDIENONE - is an endogenous steroid that has been reported to significantly affect the mood and cooperation levels of women 

What to expect when using: this will make women have a physical sexual response to whoever is wearing it. This product does NOT effect a woman’s free will or morals. It will make her the most attracted she’s ever been to you though, whether she acts on it or not.



For Instructions and warnings please read here