Liquid Finesse (unisex)
Liquid Finesse (unisex)

Liquid Finesse (unisex)

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The Secret Weapon for everyone.

Enjoy emotional closeness even with total strangers for an overall improved quality of life. The secret? Oxytocin. This wearable spray can be applied to skin and clothing. Oxytocin is the hormone we release after sex and other pleasurable moments. It increases social bonds, eases anxiety and is a best kept secret amongst highly persuasive people.   Here are the effects you can expect to have on others while wearing Liquid Finesse:

 ♦ May increase feelings of trustworthiness 

 ♦ Can effect generosity by increasing empathy

 ♦ May create a feeling of familiarity, like you've already known them for years

 ♦ May increase your persuasiveness

 ♦ Reduces anxiety within 30 seconds on you and whoever you are around 

♦ European Union Approved. Which means it's absent of 1400 toxic chemicals banned by the EU. For perspective, there are only 30 banned in USA and 600 in Canada 



   Liquid Finesse is an unscented product that can be worn alone or combined with your favorite perfume


Apply 1-2 sprays of Liquid Finesse in total to the wrists and around the neck for best results. You will feel a soothing, warming sensation from the inside of your body and you'll feel blissful. You will notice the people you come in contact with are happier, more generous and friendly around you.

This is extremely potent! 1 spray is plenty and if you are feeling the effects on yourself do not use anymore for several hours. Can cause nausea if too much is used!


♥ Not tested on animals ♥ 

Specially Denatured alcohol (c9), aqua, oxytocin 


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