We're Fleshbot's Sex Toy Of The Week 12/28/19

Heaux Cosmetics - Sexproof Makeup- Lydia Dupra

"Heaux Your Look Up!

Porn star Melina Mason AKA Lydia Dupra has her very own cosmetics line and wow, it is fantastic. Mason designed the longwearing formulas to be "sexproof" and the color range is supposed to be ideal for "universal attraction" which makes shopping on the site for a shade that works for you goof proof. I recently had the opportunity to try some of the line and I have to say that it most definitely compares positively to a lot of high end brands that I have laid out (too much) money on.

The waterproof mascara has an amazing spiked brush that captures every single little lash and is vitamin enriched to nourish your lashes. The Tantric Lip and Cheek Gel in Racy Red is a bit too bold for cheeks for me but wow, it is amazing as a lip stain. WIth a coat of lip gloss or lip balm over this gel, you have red lips that won't quit for anything. The 24 Hour Sexproof Liner needs a deft touch with a liner brush but wow, it is pigmented and it stays exactly where you put it.

As a "secret weapon", Heaux also offers Habitué Provocateur, a pheromone/copulin fragrance enhancer that will enhance the sex drive of the man you want to attract.



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