Sputnik News Reports on Heaux Cosmetics 1/09/2020

Lydia Dupra Heaux Cosmetics Sexproof Makeup



Escort-turned-guidance counselor Lydia Dupra has presented Heaux Cosmetics - a new line of “sex-proof” makeup — gels, powders and pastes — designed specifically for sex workers.

The collection of roughly 25 products includes lipstick, eyeliner and eye shadow with names such as “In the Will,” “Offshore Account” and “Dubai” are made to be smear-resistant to stay on during sex.

“A lot of makeups claim they’re long-wearing, and you might be able to get through a cocktail with them, but not a b**wjob or a hot shower. When someone books an overnight appointment with you, they expect you to still be hot in the morning, as unrealistic as that is. So having makeup that is still on when you wake up is massive,” Dupra told the New York Post.

Dupra, who shares her experience working as an escort for the rich and powerful in her books “The Complete Guide to Escorting” and “My Heaux Memoir,” says that the power of her cosmetics doesn’t just impact the ladies – it can ruin a man’s life as well.

“If you leave lipstick on the collar of a client it could potentially ruin his entire life if he is married, or it could be a sex scandal,” she said. “Or, if it’s just a really nice shirt, he could be like, ‘You b*tch, I’ll never hire you again. This is Versace!’”

She recalled one time she lost out on a fortune when a billionaire sent her off because of her perfume. “He was absolutely beyond wealthy and allergic to perfume,” she says. “I forgot, and when I met him he started wheezing, sneezing and coughing. He never called me again. When you are that intimate, you can’t take chances like that with health and allergies.”

The products don’t have a fragrance yet some of them are infused with Oxytocin (the so-called “love hormone”) and pheromones to relax clients and turn on those around them. Dupra says that she has been researching the beauty industry for years to create her long-wear, EU-certified products, which range in price from $18 to $80, and now she has nearly a thousand online orders and hopes to open a Los Angeles store within the next year. She added that would like her products to be a first step in creating what she called “a social movement.”

“I want there to be more businesses run by sex workers for sex workers so we keep the money in the community,” she says. “But my audience is way larger than sex workers. I’ve worked with everyday women who want to feel sexy again. They say, ‘Oh, my God, I put it on and my husband loved it. I felt like a high-class escort.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, it feels damn good to be an escort.‘”
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