Penthouse Magazine Features Heaux Cosmetics 12/09/19

Lydia Dupra Heaux Cosmetics Sexproof Makeup

Former escort and pornstar turned adult industry entrepreneur, Lydia Dupra, is fighting to keep sex workers safe. In the wake of FOSTA-SESTA, Lydia has successfully built a social network for sex workers called Heaux (the Heaux App), while also offering mentoring, rebranding, books and online courses for providers. Recently, she even launched Heaux Cosmetics – “sex proof” makeup designed specifically for sex workers.

We spoke to Lydia about what being a “heaux mentor” involves and why Heaux Cosmetics is so revolutionary.

Hi Lydia! How would you describe what you do?

Simply put, I mentor heauxs. My company guides adult industry entrepreneurs and entertainers from day one, into retirement and beyond. I have created videos, books and online programs to help those who want to succeed in the adult industry get all of the information they need to maximise their earnings and stay safe, including a social networking app (the Heaux app) where entertainers can share advice and get support from their community. This year, I’ve pivoted to one of the most important tools of the XXX trade by launching Heaux Cosmetics. Since the founding of my company three years ago, I’ve focused on education; now I’m focusing on secret weapons of mass seduction.


How did you come to being known as ‘The Heaux Mentor’?

Honestly, I had so many people who just kept asking me for advice, so one day I decided to write a book about everything I knew about the adult industry. One book turned into nine, along with a whole vault of videos, a one on one mentoring business, Youtube channel, and now Heaux Cosmetics. But whether I’m helping an adult film star build her brand, or crafting a specialized pheromone spray that helps heauxs around the world secure their bags--I’m doing the work I feel called to do. It’s hard to distil what one does down to just a few words, but that’s truly who I am and what I do. I’m The Heaux Mentor: I mentor heauxs. 

What a day in the life of a Heaux Mentor look like?

One of the many programs I offer is called “The Mastermind Hustle” and it guides people through my daily work process, which always starts with gratitude and ends with imagination. Just like any heaux, I am all about my bag, but my priority with this brand is always to lift up those who work in the adult industry and guide them towards greatness by offering access to what I’ve learned. These days, I’m focusing on becoming a makeup mogul, so mentoring has had to take a backseat while I grow my cosmetics company--which is already flying off the shelves faster than I can keep it in stock. 

Has business increased for you since FOSTA-SESTA?

SESTA/FOSTA (which essentially took away the internet’s first amendment and made it much more difficult for sex workers to exist online) is what put me on the map in mainstream media, ironically. VICE made a documentary about my company right when SESTA/FOSTA was happening, and they stayed with me and my mentees in my home and interviewed us. When the story finally came out, I saw my name flashing right on the screen THE HEAUX MENTOR. It was my first big mainstream press coverage, and it honestly felt kind of surreal. 

From ebooks and online courses to a YouTube reality show and now a cosmetics line, you’re a savvy entrepreneur. Where does your drive come from?

Thank you! I’m driven by my quest for freedom, for myself and for others. As a survivor of sex trafficking and abuse, I know what it feels like to have someone control your life, without your consent. I never want anyone to experience that. Becoming a sex worker and then an entrepreneur saved me in so many ways, and I want to make sure that every heaux in the world also has that opportunity.  Additionally, I love to solve problems, and help others. Honestly, if I am not helping others, I feel kind of useless. 

What is Heaux Cosmetics? How did that come about?

When I first started my business, I already had a plan in place to launch a make-up company as well, but I had to focus on education first, especially since SESTA/FOSTA was on its way to becoming law--I had to make sure my community was prepared and had the resources they’d need to be successful in this new, heavily censored online landscape. 

But now that my books and videos are so easily accessible, I can dive into this project I’ve been dreaming about since day one. The domain I parked for the website was super expensive at the time, and it’s one of the last things I asked my infamous sugar daddy, Brad, to buy for me before he died. I low key feel like I’m making him proud in a way by finally launching and succeeding with the cosmetics company. I just feel like it’s so important that the “heauxmunity” has the tools they need to help them succeed, and Heaux Cosmetics is just the next chapter, now that the groundwork of safety, education, and mentorship has been established.

I’m inspired by classic heaux icons like Marilyn Monroe, so the brand is focused on capturing timeless beauty and delivering it right into the hands of the person wearing these specialised Sexproof(™) and pheromone formulas. All colours have been selected for universal attraction and long-wearing formulas keep makeup in place during intimate encounters.

Everything in my collections is EU approved, which means it's absent of 1400 toxic chemicals banned by the European Union. For perspective, there are only 30 toxic chemicals banned in USA and 600 in Canada.

Safety is always a priority for my community, so it’s very important to me that each of these products are as safe as possible for the heauxs that will be using them.

None of my products are tested on animals, but every single one has been tested on real heauxs. 

How does Heaux Cosmetics “make sex workers lives easier”?

The rest of the world views makeup as an accessory, but to heauxs, these are tools that help us make money. The makeup formulas are made for long wear and intimate encounters, the colours are selected for the look of timeless beauty, and the pheromone formulations practically do the work for you! These are efficient, uncomplicated, luxury items that help heauxs do what they do best. 

What are the most popular products in the range?

The Sexproof (™) setting spray is truly marriage-saving technology, and the long-wear Tantric Lip Gel is the only lipstick I’ve ever seen that can actually survive a porn shoot. Say au'revoir to lipstick on your client’s collar, or anywhere else for that matter. People are also really loving the mint seduction gloss, which really is the ultimate clear gloss for any heaux. It freshens your breath, locks in moisture, and even has that coveted plumping effect. 

One of the most challenging parts of being a sex professional is keeping your look intact. I chose all my products with the busy, successful heaux in mind. I know these heauxs are out there working on tour, on set, on webcam, in the clubs, hotels and casinos managing dates and sugar daddies--you don’t need to be worrying about your makeup! I’ve got that handled, so you can focus on staying safe and securing your bag. 

The Liquid Finesse spray which claims to “Increase your persuasiveness” has us curious. How does that product work?

Liquid Finesse is bottled oxytocin, often called “the love hormone.” It’s the juice your brain makes right after an orgasm, and it promotes social bonding and trust. It’s a scentless spray that can be mixed with any perfume, or applied directly to the skin. It can increase feelings of trustworthiness and generosity, and create a feeling of instant familiarity. It can increase persuasiveness and actually reduces anxiety within 30 seconds on you and whoever you’re around. One customer wrote to tell me she made over $3,000 at the strip club the first night she went to work wearing Liquid Finesse, and I actually use it all the time to help me prepare for stressful situations, like big meetings or public appearances. 

What does Heaux Cosmetics offer over regular cosmetics?

Heaux Cosmetics is the only make-up line created by and for the adult industry, and as far as I know, it’s the only company of its kind founded by someone with my background. I’ve survived exploitation, abuse, and scandal I want to make sure every heaux out there knows that you can too. Heaux Cosmetics isn’t just another makeup product; every package I send to my customers is an invitation to truly know your worth, and find success by leveraging the magic you already possess. 

How are the products being received by the sex work community and the clients?

I had to create a gift card option right away because heauxs were having clients and sugar daddies just buy them the entire collection. I always choose products with the end-user in mind, which is why I focused on the Sexproof (™) technology and the scentless pheromone sprays. The last thing a client wants to deal with is having make up all over their clothes, or coming home to a partner smelling like a strip club. It’s amazing to see my fans and followers loving the products and using them to make money. That’s really what I want: for every heaux out to have the tools they need to be happy, free, and thriving. 

Are your cosmetics just for sex workers? Could a couple incorporate them into their sex life?

Heaux Cosmetics is for ​anyone ​who wants to look good while being a little bit bad. It’s for the XXX lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a pro to access the glamour and confidence of a heaux. For a couple that has been together for years and years, Liquid Finesse and my brand new product Habitué Provocateur (it’s just bottled mind control, no big deal), could be the key to transforming a boring date night into a wild xxx adventure with your long term partner. 


What’s next for you and Heaux?

Right now, I’m 100% focused on growing and scaling Heaux Cosmetics. Every day I am putting in time to learn more about cosmetic chemistry, and I’m constantly looking to create more powerful, more specialized formulas. In the next few months I’ll be releasing some brand-new secret weapons, including my “bottled mind control” product Habitué Provocateur, as well as a CBD infused personal lubricating oil designed for high octane xxx activities, and a collection of Sexproof (™) eyeshadows. I want my products to enrich the lives of adult entertainers and their fans, everywhere. I do plan to move closer to the beach in the next year, but I’m also now looking at commercial real estate as well because Heaux Cosmetics is expanding so rapidly! 2020 will be, without a doubt, the year of the Heaux. 

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