Grit Daily: Viral Escort Launches "Sex Proof Makeup Line"

Lydia Dupra Makeup Line Heaux Cosmetics


Former escort Lydia Dupra has officially launched her own makeup line “Heaux Cosmetics,” and it’s specifically designed with sex workers in mind. The collection debuted with roughly 25 products including lipsticks, eyeliners, and eyeshadows that all claim to be “sex-proof.” 

Lydia Dupra (real name Amanda Drago) is a retired porn star and escort-turned-mentor. The 29-year-old has written a handful of books detailing her experiences in the adult industry, as well as offering advice to other professional temptresses. Those who frequent social media may remember Dupra for her viral Instagram post where she says pays tribute to her deceased sugar daddy, Brad. 

The self-declared “Heaux Mentor” says current beauty products on the market don’t hold up in appointments. “A lot of makeups claim they’re long-wearing, and you might be able to get through a cocktail with them, but not a b**wjob or a hot shower,” she told the New York Post. “When someone books an overnight appointment with you, they expect you to still be hot in the morning, as unrealistic as that is. So having makeup that is still on when you wake up is massive.” 

Dupra says she has been researching the beauty industry for years in order to develop her extreme long-wear, sex-proof makeup. “There is a difference between, ‘Oh, this lasts a long time!’ and ‘Oh, my God, it won’t come off,’ she said. “I told the laboratory, ‘No, I literally don’t want it to come off. 

Heaux Cosmetics products are vegan, cruelty-free, and E.U. certified. The products, which include aptly-named titles like “Private Jet,” “The Will,” and “Offshore Account,” range from $18 to $40. Additionally, Heaux Cosmetics is fragrance-free, due to an encounter Dupra had with a client allergic to her fragrance. “When you are that intimate, you can’t take chances like that with health and allergies.”

Along with being an important factor for the sex workers, Dupra claims makeup that’s long-wearing can affect whether someone is rebooked. “If you leave lipstick on the collar of a client it could potentially ruin his entire life if he is married, or it could be a sex scandal.”

Dupra says she personally tested all her products for months before releasing the finalized version. According to Heaux Cosmetics, thousands of online orders have already been placed. Dupra hopes she can open a store in Los Angeles in the future.

Other products in her range include an anal-bleach serum and a subtly-scented “secret weapon” infused with Oxytocin. Fans can shop the sex-proof makeup line at


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