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Lydia Dupra escort makeup

Many successful entrepreneurs take inspiration from their past lives – and that’s just what Lydia Dupra did when she created Heaux Cosmetics.

The 29-year-old creator decided to make a product based on a problem she experienced while working as a sex worker for the rich and famous.

The former escort, who now works as a guidance counsellor for escorts, calls herself the “Heaux mentor”.

Her new line of “sex proof” makeup is designed specifically to outlast the rigours of a night of sex work.

Lydia told the New York Post : “A lot of makeups claim they’re long-wearing, and you might be able to get through a cocktail with them, but not a b**wjob or a hot shower.”

She also said that clients who book overnight appointments still expect that you be wearing makeup and look attractive the morning after.

The collection of 25 products, which includes a range of gels, pastes and powders, are reported to be smear-resistant so shouldn't transfer onto clothing.

In her books, “The Complete Guide to Escorting” and “My Heaux Memoir,”, which detail her experience of being an escort to the super-rich, she said: “If you leave lipstick on the collar of a client it could potentially ruin his entire life if he is married, or it could be a sex scandal...

“Or, if it’s just a really nice shirt, he could be like, ‘You b****, I’ll never hire you again. This is Versace!”

The products, which include lipstick, eyeliner and eye shadow are given tongue-in-cheek names.

These include “In the Will”, “Sugar Heiress”, “Offshore Account” and “His Private Jet” – which poke fun at the jet-setting lifestyle the high-class escort enjoyed.

Some of the products are supposedly laced with Oxytocin.

This substance, known as the “love hormone”, could reportedly turn on the wearer’s clients.

They are, however, un-fragranced because of a blunder Lydia made in the past.

She said: “He was absolutely beyond wealthy and allergic to perfume

“I forgot, and when I met him he started wheezing, sneezing and coughing. He never called me again.”

Some of the products, like the Sex proof Mascara & Lash Treatment, are on backorder while others, like the Unflavoured Seduction Gloss and lipstick in Seduce, are already sold out.

Lydia has recently added an “Anal Bleaching Serum” to the collection which is available to pre-order.

Lydia says she hopes to open a store in Los Angeles soon and wants to start a “social movement” which encourages businesses to be opened “by sex workers for sex workers” to keep money in the “community”.

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